Top 10 Gifts for The New Baby in Your Life!

With a new baby on the way, you’re likely overwhelmed by all the “necessary” supplies and choices you have to make BEFORE they’re even earthside! As a mom of two, I’ve spent many nights trying to find a product out there that would solve each of the new challenges that appeared as I got used […]

Top 10 Postpartum Products for New Moms

While having a baby is exciting, it can also be a wee bit stressful. And you’ve likely been so busy getting things ready for your new baby that you might not have considered your own healing journey. In this blog article, we’ll discuss something that’s crucial to your success in the first few weeks after […]

The basic baby co. Holiday Gift Guide

Is anyone else asking themselves how we are already thinking about Christmas gifts? It seems like summer just ended? We know we are! With the holiday giving season fast approaching, we have put together our basic baby co. baby holiday gift guide. We hope this will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for a […]

Paying It Forward to Support Mental Health

At basic baby co. we have decided to pay it forward in support of mental health! For each and every customer review we receive we are currently donating to either the Canadian Mental Health Association or Mental Health America (depending on the country our customer lives in). While supporting mental health may seem like it […]

COVID-19 & Social Distancing: Protecting Your Mental Health

It goes without saying that we are in interesting (and scary) times. Although we are afforded the comic relief of people’s current obsession with stockpiling toilet paper, the COVID 19 issue is one of real concern. As we take the measure of social distancing to try and prevent the spread of this virus and protect […]

To The Mom Who’s Having More Bad Days Than Good

Hey mama, the first few weeks after birth can be tough, but you’re not alone. About 80% of mothers experience the “baby blues,” this typically occurs within the first few weeks of giving birth. You may have rapid mood swings, feel helpless, worried, irritable or anxious, cry for what seems like no reason and have […]

Balancing the Baby Bump and the Bike

It goes without saying that pregnancy is a period of change, both physically and mentally. Although it can look different for many women, there is inevitably an element of unpredictability. While some women go through pregnancy relatively unscathed, it can prove to be more difficult for others, and, for many women, despite all the changes happening, responsibilities – careers, […]